Sea Independent France

Sea Independent France

Benoit Lefebvre is our agent in France. Benoit comes to us with a 20-year experience in the French Army, during which he was familiarized with many aspects of payroll, training and certification, doing at the same time, numerous missions for big offshore/yachting companies in Monaco.
He lives in the South of France near Monaco, the favorite location for super yacht owners. Due to this excellent location Sea Independent France can offer unparalleled service to our clients.

Sea Independent France is the specialist within our worldwide network when it comes to Yacht Management Services, and has extensive experience in the field. Benoit Lefevbre can offer any conceivable form of yacht management service.

Benoit Lefebvre
3 Chemin du Concas

06340 Drap

m: +33 6 51 71 77 93