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Philosophy and Approach

Sea Independent - a service company in the yachting industry:

Sea Independent offers a large variety of services to both buyers and sellers by considering the specific needs of each party.

Sea Independent services – a buyer’s perspective:

The first step in finding the “perfect” yacht is conducting  ample research into various possibilities which best match the buyer’s criteria and preferences. To effectively facilitate this step, Sea Independent provides a detailed presentation of the yachts with photos and comprehensive detail specification. Furthermore, once a short list of potential yachts is compiled then physically seeing the yacht enables the buyer to not only gain a visual but also contextual insight into his/hers future yacht purchase. Sea Independent provides this service by offering further assistance on all yacht surveys with qualified surveyors. Additionally if deemed necessary, advice is provided on maintenance, repair and refit costs.

Once the “perfect” yacht is localized, financial transactions come into play. For example, Sea Independent offers assistance in handling  the multiple aspects of negotiation, control of the sale transaction and advice on legal and financial possibilities,  assisted by specialists in legal matters, registration, flag choice, and taxes.

Sea Independent  also assists in considerations pertaining  to guidance in renting or purchasing berths and advice on operating budgets and yacht management for charter activity such as: finding qualified crew for yacht charters, private holiday’s or simply leisurely cruising around the world.  Also concerning technical needs, Sea Independent offers reliable after-sale services and repairs assisted by qualified and efficient technicians and suppliers.

Finally, Sea Independent provides total financial security. This means that all monies are paid into an escrow account until all necessary documents to proceed to the transfer of ownership are received and cleared from encumbrances. Only at this time, will payment be made to the seller.

Sea Independent services – a seller’s perspective:

The first step in selling your yacht is compiling accurate and aesthetic information about the vessel. Sea Independent creates and compiles full specifications and professional photos of the yacht and then actively markets the yacht by sending the tailor made information to specific targeted “potential” buyers. Additionally Sea Independent  advertises the yacht on several international websites and in the yachting press as well as dispatch the information to the world-wide Sea Independent network of yacht brokers. There is also the possibility – pursuant to prior agreement - of showing the yacht at international boat shows and/or participation in other marketing actions or events.

Once an interested buyer is found, Sea Independent not only offers technical and commercial communication with the buyer but is also present with yacht viewings; ultimately handling all aspects of negotiations and sale transactions. Handling negotiations and sale transactions, entails a variety of different responsibilities  such as: setting up the memorandum of agreement, clearance of the deposit to the escrow account, organization of survey and sea trials, drafting of final contract to be signed by the buyer and clearance of the balance payment on the escrow account and finally yacht delivery to the buyer. Professional, accurate and efficient undertakings of these competencies enable a smooth transfer of ownership and payment.

Finally, Sea Independent  provides total financial security. This means that all monies received by the buyer and held on the escrow account will be released to the seller upon completion date.

Sea Independent – only the highest reputation:

Thanks to our highest level of professionalism and experience in the yachting industry, our clients have always been very pleased with these services, often resulting in repeat yacht purchase and sale transactions. Whether you are thinking of buying your “perfect” yacht or selling your vessel do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you the best personalized service in the yachting industry.